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  How much notice do I need to give you to place an order for a portable unit?
    It's always very helpful to place your order as far in advance as possible. In most cases, our meticulously clean units are available for delivery within 24 hours of your order. Simply pick up the phone or click the quote icon to get started today. We are your portable sanitation professionals.
  What if someone damages or steals the unit I rent?
    Should your unit be stolen or damaged (other than normal wear and tear) during your rental period, it is your responsibility to pay for the necessary repairs and/or replacement value of the rental unit. Johnny On The Spot has a damage waiver/insurance policy to protect you from any theft or vandalism for a nominal fee.
  Am I required to have portable sanitation on my farm/job site?  
    Most city ordinances do require portable sanitation on a construction site. Check with your local city or county ordinances and inspectors to see if it is required. It is possible they will require that a portable toilet is ordered before approving permits and/or inspections. OSHA may require a portable toilet be present on a construction site.  
  How does having a portable restroom on my farm or job site cut down on expenses?  
    By reducing the travel time and distance employees must travel to use a restroom, you save time - and time is money. Just 10 minutes of wasted time per employee, per day can add up to thousands of dollars over a year.  
  What is the least amount of time I can rent a portable unit?  
    Our portable restrooms are ideal for a weekend party, or even for just one day. Orders must be placed with enough prior notice before your event to ensure proper delivery times.  
  How do I know the portable unit will be clean for my event?  
    We have the best available equipment, meticulously clean, highly maintained units serviced to meet your requirements. Our special event restrooms are never used on construction sites. Customer satisfaction is top priority.  
  How frequently is the portable unit serviced?  
    We service temporary, long-term and seasonal portable units once per week. The units are fully stocked, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Weekly service is included in your rental fee agreement.  
  If I own my own portable toilet or sink station, can you service it?  
    Yes, we service many customer owned units. Prices may vary depending on number of units, location of units and/or amount of notice given before the cleaning is required. Please call or click for a price quote.  
  What are the guidelines or requirements for an ADA restroom?  

We offer both Handicapped Accessible portable restrooms and ADA wheelchair restrooms that are ADA compliant. The Handicapped Accessible restroom is a Wheelchair/Handicap Accessible Restroom with a larger base, increased height, door opening and full width handrails.
Our ADA Restrooms are large enough and have the all proper requirements to meet the standards that have been outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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Whether you need construction site portable sanitation, flushable portable restrooms for parties or picnics, VIP events, or a restroom trailer for large special events, we offer a complete line of meticulously clean portable sanitation equipment tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements. 3185 West Arlington Ave. | North Judson | Indiana 46366 United States (855) 467-6889